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Joint Formulary
10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
10-01-03 Sulfasalazine


NOTE: There is more than one monograph for this medicine, click here to search for formulary status and its use for other indications. 

Note: Enteric coated tablets ONLY are licensed for rheumatoid arthritis and therefore recommended however the non-enteric coated preparation is used off-label in practice.

Provider notes

  • NMUH:
    • No restriction stated
  • RFL:
    • Rheumatology initiation only
  • RNOH:
    • Enteric coated tablets ONLY for Rheumatology patients
    • Restricted use
    • See links below
  • UCLH:
  • WH:
    • No restriction stated
Link  NCL JFC: DMARD Quick Reference Guide for Primary Care Prescribers
Link  RNOH + Herts CCG: Adult Rheumatology Shared Care - Principles and Responsibilities
Link  RNOH + Herts CCG: Sulfasalazine in Adult Rheumatology - Shared Care Information

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