North Central London
Joint Formulary
10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases
10-01-04 Hyperuricaemia associated with cytotoxic drugs


JFC approved for tumour lysis syndrome in adults restricted to patients unable to tolerate allopurinol. Consideration for paediatric cases. (February 2013)

Provider notes

  • NMUH:
    • To be prescribed by the Haematology Team ONLY.
    • See link(s) below
    • Refer to the London Cancer Alliance Guidelines for Treatment of Tumour Lysis Syndrome
  • RFL:
    • Approved for prophylaxis and treatment of tumour lysis syndrome. Refer to regional protocol for more information
  • RNOH:
    • Non-formulary
  • UCLH:
  • WH:
    • Restricted to Haematology only
Link  NMUH: Prophylaxis of tumour lysis syndrome

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