North Central London
Joint Formulary
5 Infections

Prescribing of systemic antimicrobials is 'protected'. All prescribing MUST be in accordance with the Trust Antimicrobial Policy and in conjunction with local antimicrobial guideline:

05-01-07 Fidaxomicin


Consultant microbiologist approval only for multiple recurrent Clostridium difficile infections (at least three). Fidaxomicin could also be used in patients in extremis when all other drugs had failed (October 2012)

Provider notes

  • NMUH:
    • Microbiology approval only
  • RFL:
    • Consultant microbiologist approval only  
  • RNOH:
    • Microbiology approval only
  • UCLH:
  • WH:
    • Microbiology approval only

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