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 Formulary Chapter 13: Skin - Full Section

13.01 Management of skin conditions
13.01.01 Vehicles
13.01.02 Suitable quantities for prescribing
13.01.03 Excipients and sensitisation
13.02 Emollient and barrier preparations
13.02.01 Emollients
Emollients - preparations containing urea
Emollients - with antimicrobials Emollient bath and shower preparations
13.02.02 Barrier preparations
13.03 Topical local anaesthetics and antipruritics
13.04 Topical corticosteriods.
Topical corticosteriod preparation potencies
13.05 Preparations for eczema and psoriasis
13.05.01 Preparations for eczema
13.05.02 Preparations for psoriasis
Topical preparations for psoriasis
Oral retinoids for psoriasis
13.05.03 Drugs affecting the immune response
13.06 Acne and rosacea
13.06.01 Topical preparations for acne
Benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid
Topical antibacterials for acne
Topical retinoids and related preparations for acne
Other topical preparations for acne
13.06.02 Oral preparations for acne
Oral antibiotics for acne
Hormone treatment for acne
Oral retinoid for acne
13.07 Preparations for warts and calluses
Anogenital warts
13.08 Sunscreens and camouflagers
13.08.01 Sunscreen preparations
13.08.02 Camouflagers
13.09 Shampoos and other preparations for scalp and hair conditions
Androgenetic alopecia
13.10 Anti-infective skin preparations
13.10.01 Antibacterial preparations Antibacterial preparations only used topically Antibacterial preparations also used systemically
13.10.02 Antifungal preparations
13.10.03 Antiviral preparations
13.10.04 Parasiticidal preparations
Head lice
Crab lice
Benzyl benzonate
13.10.05 Preparations for minor cuts and abrasions
Skin tissue adhesive
13.11 Skin cleansers, antiseptics, and desloughing agents
13.11.01 Alcohols and saline
13.11.02 Chlorhexidine salts
13.11.03 Cationic surfactants and soaps
13.11.04 Iodine and Chlorine
13.11.06 Oxidisers, and dyes
13.11.07 Desloughing agents
Desloughing agents
Growth factor
13.12 Antiperspirants
13.13 Topical circulatory preparations
13.14 Unlicensed Medicines / Significant off-label use